Transform a SherpTek truck bed into the perfect overland bed or chase truck!

The Dragon Bak can be added to one of our modular truck beds and attaches like any other accessory. It gives you an upper deck over  the cab for ATVs, roof top tents or additional storage. The upper deck is made with the same aerospace materials and construction techniques as our ultra-light truck beds, and just like all of our accessories it is quickly removable.


"The Operator" SEMA Build

No trailer required! Carry your UTV on your truck and get into deeper territory than ever before. Infinite attachment points securely lock and load all your gear making sure you're well equipped for any situation. 

The Dragon Bak Toy Dek system was custom designed and built for the Operator show truck (pictured below), which was featured in the Ford booth at SEMA 2017.

  • Toy Dek weighs in at only 450 lbs

  • Complete heavy duty (HD) deck weighs 735 lbs

    • Toy Dek = 450 lbs

    • Truck frame mounted support structure for heavy loads = 150 lbs

    • HD loading ramps (63" bed rail height) = 130 lbs

  • Lower deck tail lights and upper deck brake lights for added visibility on the road

  • Infinite internal and external tie down/attachment points on the deck and on the sides for securing gear

  • Dual fuel fill options for bed-mounted refueling for your toys

  • SherpTek custom, integrated deck lighting to assist loading after dark

  • Integrated bed lighting helps you sift through your under-deck storage in the dark

The Operator's Dragon Bak was reconfigured for overlanding as a featured vehicle at the 2018 Northwest Overland Rally. Off came the UTV and on went an ARB rooftop tent and annex, an ExO Table from Expedition Essentials and other overlanding gear, demonstrating the systems' adaptability and versatility for the crowd that likes to take the road less traveled. 


Want one?

If you’re interested in securing a Dragon Bak of your own, contact us.