Mounts to anything. Carries everything.

The Pak Horse mounts to any ladder, rack system and hard surface, including your spare tire, and can carry up to 1,000 pounds of gear and supplies — just make sure what it's mounted to can also withstand the load.

The Pak Horse comes in 60-inch and 48-inch versions, the shorter of which is perfect for transverse mounting across roof racks on smaller trucks and cars. With these systems you can haul everything from MAXTRAX to generators to shovels and jacks on your rig and use it as a table, emergency spineboard, backpack, firewood hauler, dolly and much more.

The Pak Horse:

  • is 17 inches wide and 2.25 inches deep without mounts

  • has adjustable mounting channels located at 36-inch spacing for mounting to ladders

  • is adaptable to any rack system

  • can mount to spare tire

  • takes multi-functionality and versatility to the next level

  • weighs in at only 25 pounds for the 5-foot version

  • can support 1,000 pounds

  • comes with a keyed lock that integrates with the mounting system; when locked onto the ladder it shuts down access to your roof

  • swings open so you can access the roof without removing it from the ladder

  • has adjustable mounting system that allows it to be mounted off-center (+/- 1 inch in either direction) to accommodate doors, awning arms, etc.) and to be mounted to hinge open either to the right or the left

  • lift-off hinges allow quick removal once unlocked and open

  • features our infinite tie down/attachment points along the main face, sides and back for securing gear

  • handle attachments turn it into a heavy hauler for two to four people to haul firewood or other heavy items; it can even be used as an emergency spineboard

  • wheel attachment turns it into a dolly for one person to haul heavy items

  • perfect for hunters to haul game out of the backcountry

  • comes with four D-rings and four light-duty slider nuts for $750

To order your Pak Horse, auxiliary channels, additional slider nuts and D-rings, visit our online store or contact us.