SherpTek flatbeds, truck decks and truck trays are designed and precision engineered to be the lightest on the market while retaining strength and durability so you can haul even more to your favorite mountain tops. SherpTek’s customized products are built to order to fit any size truck and enhance the truck’s functionality with infinite attachment points that allow you to secure gear and easily switch out accessories.

All SherpTek products are made in the USA with aerospace and marine-grade materials and are manufactured with acute attention to detail for the ultimate in high-end gear hauling products.

truck BED

Our flatbeds are built-to-order and can be built to any [legal] length and width. They are customized to perfectly fit your truck and your life!

Dragon bak

Carry your UTV on your truck and get into deeper territory than ever before. Infinite attachment points securely lock and load all your gear making sure you're well equipped for any situation.

Pak Horse

Our gear-hauling solution that mounts to anything and carries everything. Lockable hinge mounts adapt to any ladder or rack system and make the Pak Horse easy to remove for use off your rig too.