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Q. Do you build beds for a Tacoma? F350? Chevy Silverado? Ram 2500? Chassis cab? DRW? SRW? Long bed? Short bed? Crew cab? Mega cab? [insert your truck here]?
A. In short, yes! Our beds can be made to any length and width to fit any size rig of any generation. The only limit is your imagination and NHTSA regulations.

Q. I don’t see my camper listed on your camper integration webpage. Can you still build a bed that integrates with it?
A. Yes. We also can work with any brand camper. The manufacturers on our website are those we have an agreement with where we get drawings and data, but we can still do tight integrations without that information.

Q. We haul a fifth wheel and occasionally a gooseneck. Can you accommodate either or both of those?
A. Yes. Because our beds are modular there are a lot of options and avenues we can go down. We work with each customer and build a 3D model so you know exactly what you're getting and that it has all the features you want, including gooseneck/5th wheel integration.

Q. How much height will a SherpTek flatbed add to my truck?
A. We know that a low center of gravity is important for trucks hauling heavy loads, so we designed our beds to be among the lowest in the industry, with the ability to stay within a half-inch of stock bed height for most builds. Low deck height typically means raised wheel wells are needed. We conduct a complete suspension articulation study and factor in all the components of your truck and OEM accessories to make sure it suits all your travel needs.

Q. How much does a bed cost?
Cost and time for conversion depend on a number of factors, such as bed length and the complexity of the build. If you complete the How to Buy form and include as many details as possible, such as long bed or short bed or chassis cab with CA length; bed width and/or camper (for camper pairing we build to the width of the camper to maximize storage); and specific add-ons/features you want to incorporate, we’ll send you some ballpark base numbers to get the conversation started.

Q. What does the process look like once the scope of my build is dialed in?
A. Once details are dialed in on your build, we put together a formal estimate, which may go back and forth a few times to finalize the scope (understanding that things can still change during the design process). When the estimate is finalized, we roll it into a purchase agreement. Your signature on the purchase agreement and a 50-percent down payment lock you into our production schedule. For full builds we’re currently at around 16 weeks ARO.

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