In the beginning

Your dream rig starts with our modular flatbed, which can be built to any width and any length. It's the base for all that you want, from basic truck trays to fully built-out truck bodies and everything in between.


Instead of the typical cut-and-weld tubular construction, we utilize aerospace materials and construction techniques that allow us to build ultra-lightweight beds with large payload capacities and a long working life.

Our flatbeds:

  • are custom built to your truck and for your lifestyle.
  • are lighter or in the same weight range as a standard truck bed depending on options.
  • are within a 1/2-inch of stock bed height on most installations.
  • have modular structural attachment points on top and bottom, so accessories can be added, removed, and swapped at will.
  • come standard with cab guard, DOT lighting and fuel fills.
  • add extensive external storage to a truck camper configuration.
  • receive painstaking attention to every detail from start to finish.

GRADUALISM/natural selection

The modular nature of our products means you're not stuck with your original layout as your life changes and interests evolve. Accessories can be installed with the initial purchase, or can be added anytime down the road.

The bed can be configured in many different ways and adapt and change as your needs change. Additionally, the modularity allows you to have a number of different configurations accessible very quickly. Regardless of upper deck options we make sure you can strip it down to a flatbed in 20 minutes or less. It is also very DIY friendly with structural attachment channels on top and bottom; you can build or modify anything that can then be easily attached to the deck, top or bottom.


Our products are built to last and meet the highest quality standards. We also do custom fabrication and truck upgrades so you can have just about anything you want integrated into your system!