Building your dream rig doesn't need to be a logistical nightmare.

SherpTek is a one-stop shop for your truck and camper needs. Whether you're buying brand new or updating and upgrading your current rig, building a weekend getaway vehicle or poor-man's earth roamer, we’re here to help build your ultimate rig.

We take deliveries of trucks and campers or help manage the logistics of getting them to our shop in Eugene, OR. 


It’s a perfect time to add aftermarket accessories while we have your truck stripped down in our shop.

Through our distributors we have access to innumerable brands and products. The only limitations are your imagination and your budget.

Whether you want to build a Brush Truck, completely trick-out your truck, or just add air bags and a bumper, we cover it all. The only upgrades we don’t currently do are engine and transmission work.


We have expert knowledge of camper add-ons and upgrades that can greatly increase the usefullness and enjoyment you get out your camper.

Custom lighting, cabinetry upgrades, camper steps, solar and battery systems are just a few.

Check out our step adapter kits here.

AM Solar Installation

SherpTek is a AM Solar dealer and installer. We've worked with AM Solar to devise optimal solar off-grid systems with AGM and Lithium battery systems and solar arrays, as well as charger/inverter kits. We also do installations on any vehicle, from vans to Class A RVs and can install the ideal system for your off-grid living.


Our custom lighting system can be added to any camper. Check out how our kits and light up your night camping life!

interior design

Let's face it, truck camper interiors haven't kept up with the times. Simple changes can make a big difference. We offer custom painting, curtains, artistic lighting, custom woodwork and shelving, tables. 


It's all about adaptation and innovation when you're exploring off the beaten path. We've been there and are making the essential contraptions?? and provisions we've built available for others who want to live more while off the grid.



SherpTek founder Ryan Goodwin is a font of knowledge when it comes to trucks and campers, not to mention the intersection of the two. If you're intere…


We love collaboration and are happy to work with these fine folks:

  • AM SOLAR- let’s add cool tag lines to these. Consider more detailed page like DBL did??

  • DBL DESIGN - If you want the ultimate extreme duty, go-anywhere truck.