Load your ladder and secure your roof with our lightweight, heavy duty Ladder Rak!

  • Ladder Rak weighs in at only XX lbs
  • Ladder Rak can support XXX lbs
  • Lock up the rack and shut down access to your roof
  • Unlock and swing open to use the ladder without removing all your gear
  • Infinite tie down/attachment points along the main face and sides for securing gear
  • SherpTek reflective panels to improve your vehicle's visibility on the road
  • Comes with two auxiliary channels, X D-rings and X slider nuts

Hunters can use our custom handles on the side channels to carry out heavy game.

The Ladder Rak can serve as a stretcher in a backcountry emergency situation. 


To order your Ladder Rak, additional auxiliary channels and additional slider nuts and D-rings, contact us.